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Soar Above Son Tra Peninsula: Experience the Thrill of Paragliding

Da Nang now offers an exciting opportunity to witness the unparalleled beauty of Son Tra Peninsula from a unique vantage point through non-motorized paragliding.

mon the thao du luon da nang (2)

Recently licensed in Da Nang, non-motorized paragliding takes flight from the majestic Son Tra Peninsula, descending to Tho Quang coast.

For an all-inclusive price of 2 million VND, each flight lasts approximately 15-20 minutes and includes insurance, shuttle service to the flight location, drinking water, and amenities such as filming, photography, music, and expert guidance from instructors.

Our experienced paragliding instructors ensure a safe and unforgettable adventure. Simply don comfortable shoes and pants, and prepare to marvel at the breathtaking aerial views of lush forests and captivating sea vistas.

This season, the forested landscape of Son Tra Peninsula blooms with vibrant green, red, and yellow hues. From the sky, visitors can witness the grandeur of the mountain ranges and forests, as well as observe the ever-shifting patterns of drifting clouds.

During the flight, guests will be treated to panoramic vistas that encompass the iconic Linh Ung Pagoda and the pristine blue beaches of Da Nang. The true magnificence lies in gliding over the cerulean sea while witnessing fishing boats venture into the ocean’s vastness. For the most enchanting experience, dawn and dusk offer a magical interplay of light, seamlessly merging the forest and the sea.

Source: Van Truc – (article and photo)

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