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Take Me to the Sun Music Festival with famous artists rocking Da Nang on the evening of July 9

Following the vibrant Sun Fest Street Carnival series that is still taking place every Saturday and Sunday night until July 24, 2022, the Take Me to the Sun Music Festival is co-operated with the City by Sun Group. Danang will bring to Da Nang a burning night with music and brilliant fireworks.
Take Me to the Sun Music Festival will take place on the evening of July 9 at the Sun Wheel Asia Park – Asia Park Danang

Taking place on the evening of July 9, 2022, from 19:00, at the outdoor stage at the foot of the Sun Wheel of Asia Park, the Take me to the Sun concert is a highlight event under the theme ” Enjoy Danang Festival and Music – Enjoy Da Nang Festival & Music”, in the series of programs “Enjoy Danang Summer Festival – Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022” sponsored and co-organized by Sun Group implemented, in order to turn Da Nang into a vibrant focus this summer.

With the main theme “Living like the sun”, the music festival was choreographed by director Pham Hoang Nam and the crew of big names like musician Huy Tuan. The event will also be reported live on VTV1 – Vietnam Television at 20:00.

The highlight quite unique and clearly showing the personality of veteran director Pham Hoang Nam will be the stage of the music festival. As revealed by the organizers, this will be a stage that makes viewers admire by its impressive and monumental, when taking the Sun Wheel itself – “the eye of Da Nang” as the symbolic circle. for the central Sun, which is rotated by 4 large circles surrounded by silk bands with bronze drum motifs.

And on that stage, the big names of artists will continuously lead the audience through the emotional layers of the 5 chapters of the music festival, to feel a real Da Nang worth coming and living and burning in the flow. Take me to the Sun theme- Live like the sun.

The opening chapter of the festival will be a culturally rich space of contemporary folk music, with a special performance combining various types of music/performance of ethnic groups from all over the country, including: Cham Dance, Central Coast Bai Choi, Northwest Love Song, Northern Folk Song, “Ly Pull Fish” Southern folk song, show the proud cultural identity of the Vietnamese people, in which the leading image is prominent. sunrise over the sea with the boat out to sea towards the sun.

Chapter 2 will introduce the audience to contemporary and pop music, with the appearance of famous names in V-biz such as singer Van Mai Huong and group Oplus. And this will also be the explosive part for a top-notch “performance technology party”, with the unique Unveil Sun Wheel performance, appearing for the first time at a music festival in Da Nang. On the background of the song “Take me to the Sun” written specifically for the Music Festival, the lighting system, “terrible” sound speakers, and bright effects from mid-range fireworks, especially the LED matrix system – Today’s most modern lighting technology can display up to 16 million colors, controlled by specialized software – promising to bring a stunning display of the sun symbol and Sun Wheel logo. for the audience at the giant revolving stage.

Closing a chapter 2 is too “already” in all senses, chapter 3 with Hiphop music with the participation of Rapper Karik and male musician, singer Only C… will bring a youthful musical atmosphere, fresh with an international touch. Talented young artists and dance groups promise to give exciting performances, through many popular street art forms (Street Art) such as Rap, Graffiti, Skateboard…

Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 bring in high explosive music, Rock and EDM, respectively. Towards the end of the program, the musical power is even more heightened. The final chapters bring together a group of artists possessing a unique and strong artistic ego, with personality, bringing a burning energy like the spirit of the Music Festival. Stars Tung Duong, Ngu Cung, Thu Minh, … promise to create a stunning experience, “burning” the Take me to the Sun stage.

The most explosive and anticipated in the final part of the festival will be a 15-minute fireworks display, bringing the audience uplifted in emotions, and reminiscent of the seasons of the International Fireworks Festival – the grandiose DIFF. once lit up the city of the Han River in the summers before the epidemic appeared. Fireworks will also light up a summer of strong revival of Da Nang tourism, with strong growth numbers, jubilant festivals that the city and corporations like Sun Group jointly organize and even the unique new product works that visitors can not help but be surprised.

Next August, the international EDM festival will also be held at Asia Park. Vietnam – Japan Festival, B’estival Food and Beer Festival 2022 at Sun World Ba Na Hills, show Battle in the Kingdom of the Moon… continue to stir summer in the central coastal city . Da Nang tourism, after months of quiet, has really awakened and is constantly booming.

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